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3M4150S Semi-Rigid Urethane Elastomer Adhesive

For fast bonding action, 3M4150S Semi-Rigid Urethane Elastomer is a quality sealant that's designed for use on smaller p...

231256 Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive Patch Kit

The 231256 Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive comes in a click-patch kit for repairs that need precision and control. The 231256 Tw...

3M1357 High Performance Contact Adhesive

3M1357 High Performance Contact Adhesive will adhere a multitude of exotic substrates such as foamed glass, paper honeyc...



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Elastomers use a rubber base and components to create a durable adhesive. Click here to browse our category of elastomer adhesive products. 


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Polymer adhesives are strong, flexible, and have high impact resistance. These adhesives are perfect to rely on. Click here or use our contact information to find out more. 


Silicone adhesives are durable and are resistant to extreme conditions, making them ideal for any industrial application. Click here to see a variety of silicone adhesives. 

Two Component

Two component adhesives are fast curing and are very durable. Complete our contact form to find out more information, or click here to view our list of two component products. 

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