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EA 929NA

The Hysol Adhesive is an adhesive that f


This epoxy resin organic compound is intended to be used at high temperatures.


The EA929NA is a thixotropic paste that features good resistance


The HYSOL EA929 is an adhesive designed with resistance to high temperature and chemicals in mind.


The Hysol EA929 is a thixotropic adhesive that features


93076-2 is a Thixotropic Silicone Elastomer and is used in Aerospace design, manufactured by Dow Corning. It is a si...

DC93076-2 Aerospace Adhesive

DC93076-2 is known as an aerospace sealant because it is perfect for sealing cracks and other depressions in aircraft...


EE1067 is not your normal adhesive. Instead, EE1067 is known as a black flame retardant adhesive. This means that EE1...


Hylomar PL32L Aerograde is a polyester urethane compound for coating gaskets that will not set or harden even at elev...


PL32M is a blue gel-like material that is an easily applied sealant on metal and other surfaces where harsh condition...

SILKOLENE 762 Adhesive

Silkolene 762 jointing compound can withstand temperatures in the range of 200 degrees Celsius to 800 degrees Celsius...

SILKOLINE 762 Adhesive

Silkoline 762 high-temperature joint compound provides a reliable seal around joints to prevent leaks from gases and ...